Traveling by bus might not be an ideal choice to many 2 decades ago. However, with improved road transport system, which cuts down traveling time and the availability of super comfortable buses, this mode of transport is gaining popularity for city to city traveling and inter neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Haadyai, Thailand not withstanding high toll charges and increasing fuel costs. New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd is aware of the ever changing needs of travelers. To receive the JUST REWARD (that is more and more members of the public uses her services), New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd is a Safe, Secure and Reliable Service oriented bus transportation company.

We provide bas rental service for any purpose where as quality service is priority beside reasonable rates. Our buses are one of the luxuries buses in Malaysia. We have all type of buses from VIP to Non VIP buses.From south to north Malaysia, from Singapore to Thailand we have experts to guide you and drive you around for you to experience better holidays.When it comes to how many buses we have, we like our clients to know unlimited! We are a network of bus providers, just tell us how many buses you need and we will deliver to your door step.

Started with just one bus in 1992, our founding Director, Mr.Rabi have since transformed it to be a big company. New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd which was formerly named under his own personal name now turns into one of the famous private bus company at Klang, Malaysia. Under his leadership, New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd has become a major player in the bus transport industry. Currently New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd has a fleet of more then 10 buses plying the West Coast of Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand and has offices in Haadyai, Alor Star, Butterworth, Penang, Lumut, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highlands, Johore and Singapore.New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd has been serving travelers for more than 10 years. To our regular clients, New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd means "Safety, Reliability & Quality".In terms of SAFETY, New To View Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd is the first bus transport company that has voluntarily subjected buses to Quarterly Inspection by puspakom (a privatised company appointed by the Malaysia Government to inspect and regulate vehicle road worthiness). Compared to the compulsory inspections twice yearly required by the Authority. Besides, our experienced drivers are well trained and they are safety conscious. Some key fundamentals are seriously observed such as: